Sunday 11 May 2014

Dilly Dally Weekend

I was going to call this blog post Lazy Weekend, but Lazy didn't seem quite right, so I googled "lazy" which led to "dawdle" which in turn led to "dilly dally", which is a much better title don't you think ?

I don't know about you, but in our family every so often we need a weekend of nothing-special. This was one such weekend. Little Man has his first proper exams this coming week, he gets various bits of extra help due to his additional needs - he is on the autistic spectrum - but more than that he needs to be helped to stay calm and stress-free where possible. So the weekend was very low-key.

...  a quick top-up shop .....

....lots of laundry...

.... bit of sorting in my craft room ...

...... pottering about in the garden (between rain showers) ...

...... admiring the wildflowers growing down the road ...

... apparently they are Californian Poppies I am reliably informed (and verified by google :)....

I spent most non-pottering with Little Miss..... we did some cutting and sticking. We are building a Victorian House, I will share the journey with you when its complete :)

and whilst supervising her homework (she is most disgruntled that Little Man had none - due to his exams) I worked on a bag that she's requested ... LOVE these colours, they are eye-popping .....

Where were Little Man and Little Tomboy while all this was going on ?

Well, Little Tomboy is a gaming addict. Sigh. I try to fight it but its hard work, and this weekend, when calmness was priority, I let her play as much as she wanted. She was in seventh heaven and I barely saw her between mealtimes.

Little Man is also a gaming addict. Sigh again. Its much harder to restrict him though ... "everyone else gets to play more/every day/in the evening/on a school day" and he's right, most of them do. However, lately, and its come as an utter shock to me, he is now going out to play with his friends on his bike, or to the park, or play nerf gun fights (oh dear goodness the noise), without us (me) hovering nearby. His additional needs mean social interaction is difficult for him, but this last year he has developed so much in that area, it really is wonderful to see him come shouting (for he has two volume settings - none or full) - "Mum can I go out with my friends ?". Joy :D Pure joy, is how that makes me feel (aaaaah welling up here as I type - gulp). Pride and joy. He even managed to go swimming with his friends yesterday - albeit he got out early and got dressed without drying himself first (excellent, no need to wash the towel then lol) and bought himself a 10p bag of sweets (amazing restraint considering I'd given him five pounds) and phoned for us to pick him up early.

My Little Man is growing up and I'm so proud. May his week of exams go smoothly :)


  1. Lovely weekend you had. We had a very similar kind of weekend and it was soooo what we all needed here at this household. I can just imagine how proud you are feeling about your son growing up a little each day and doing things that is a challenge to him but ended up smoothly :) Very nice feeling that must be. Great post and I cant wait to see that colorful bag for you miss.

    Hope your week is as good as your weekend.
    Birgitta xx

  2. It sounds like a wonderfully productive weekend to me! Good luck to your son on his exam, he sounds like he's maturing very nicely.

  3. Thank you both so much :) Little Man is nearly 11, still so young, but with so much potential. He was awake very early today, has exams every morning except Friday. Going to be a long week ...

  4. How great to have a weekend like that. Love your button tin.
    The Californian Poppies are lovely, so vibrant when they open in the sunshine. I have them in my front garden so I think I shall collect some of the seeds and distribute them locally to get them to grow in the wild ;0)

  5. Good for your Little man, that is quite and accomplishment considering he is on the spectrum, making friends and interacting with them is a huge plus for him. It sounds like your weekend was perfect and just what everyone needed.

  6. Good luck to your son too in his exams. It's a stressful time of year isn't it! x

    1. Thanks Sara. It certainly is stressful, yes! I'm grateful that is exams finish tomorrow, they are all in one week, must be so hard when it gets to GCSEs and they go on for weeks. Hope your son is doing ok x

  7. Hi Jill :-) Thanks so much for your comment on my post... I've hopped over here before even answering it and I'm so glad I did; in a moment I'll be jumping on the bloglovin button.
    I have Californian poppies growing outside my kitchen window...they are such a delight. Wow, your son is doing so well, bless him.
    Tracey xxx

    1. Thanks Tracey :) Blogland is great, isn't it ?


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