Wednesday 14 May 2014

For the Love of Blog

I really want to share a Finished Project tonight, but irritatingly its Not Quite There, still got the finishing touches to do, you know, the prettifying bits. Much dithering and faffing later and I'm still no nearer choosing, and I decide to check out this Bloglovin thingymajingy that I've added to my blog but know nothing whatsoever about. Out comes the laptop, I log on to Bloglovin, it tells me to do a new post with this in it ....
So that's that done then, good-o. Boring bit over. May as well share some photos while I'm here ...

Wildflowers again ... what a stunner ...

Assembly ..... the Almost Finished Project...

A Welcome Sight .... new little planter thingy on my front doorstep ...

More Wildflowers .... I just can't stop myself ...

Birthday Anticipation .... a big squishy parcel arrived today addressed to hubby, I am really hoping it's one of Lucy's packs ....

and ... Almost There .... my son has his last day of exams tomorrow. Its been a long and tiring week for him (and me) but we're nearly there. Roll on tomorrow (Thursday) at 3pm. I've had a request for home-made pizza and lemon drizzle cake for tea to celebrate ... yummy :)


  1. Wow girl, those colours are fab. I enjoy working with Stylecraft yarn. I am attempting to make my first crochet blanket with it..
    Lovely to see the one "real" poppy amongst the California.

    1. Thanks Cally:) Stylecraft will be new to me - and hopefully on Saturday :)
      There are a few "proper " poppies appearing now, lovely :)

  2. Hope you enjoy the pizza and lemon drizzle cake - that seems a perfect way to celebrate the end of exams. x

    1. The pizza was yum, but we didn't quite manage the cake. The Little People had ice cream with sweets, marshmallows and sprinkles instead. They werent complaining!

  3. I have been eying those beautiful colors of yarn for some time, let me know what you think if that is indeed what is in the secret package.

  4. Hey Jill, cant wait to see that finished project. Looks very promising. I have wanted to place an order for this yarn for a while now, might just have to give in.

    On another note, I have nominated you for the Liebsters Award for your great new blog. Its a great way to get your blog out there and also find other fun blogs to nosy about in. Come by my space for more details

    Birgitta xx

    1. Thankyou so much Birgitta :) I am very excited! Can't wait to blog my reply, I love quizzes and questionnaires (actually I think I just like talking even if its bloggy talking lol)
      Have a lovely weekend


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