Friday 1 August 2014

Fun in the Sun

The heatwave continues. Here in the South of England we've had temperatures in the mid to high 20's for weeks and weeks now, and it's been fantastic. Sunny weather makes the school holidays So. Much. Easier. The backdoor is open, the Little People are in and out of the garden, on the trampoline, the swing, making dens, playing football, building mini assault courses.

The doorbell is going every 10 minutes "Can so-and-so come out to play ......", they are having an absolute blast. There are nerf gun wars, capture the flag, water-bomb fights, and a more sedate pavement artistry.

Yesterday was, if you ask me, the perfect day. Little Miss had 2 friends round all afternoon, they brought their swimming togs, and they, plus Little Tomboy, played in the paddling pool for aaaaages. I have some really gorgeous pictures of the 4 of them , but it's not for me to be posting photos of other people's children, even just the backs of their heads, but here is one with Little Miss splashing .....

Lots of soaking each other with the hose, shrieking, squeals of joy, that uninhibitied joy that children display with such ease.

They had a break mid afternoon for lollies on the blanket in the sun ....

... and loom bands. Always loom bands ....

 ... plus notebooks .. for loom band designs and planning I'd guess ...

A bit later it was dinnertime. Fish-finger butties, salad (oops camera on b&w), jammie dodgers, watermelon and fairy cakes, all served in the fort, drying off on the blanket :)

In fantasty-world I spent the whole afternoon watching them adoringly while crocheting at lightning speed. In reality, I sat still for about 5 minutes in between nursing grazed knees, fiddling with the hose attachment, reinflating the paddling pool (wretched thing burst AGAIN), fetching drinks and snacks, and generally providing crowd control.

But here are a few pictures from fantasy-land ....


 Did you spot little pink project on the left in the above picture ? A little stuffed owl keyring, using the pattern in this month's Simply Crochet magazine. Fun to do and quick to produce. In fantasy-land I have made about a hundred in differing colourways, all amazing, and which I am selling like hot-cakes. Reality land WILL be similar, just take a bit longer! Here is is again, look....

.... ooo loook at his label .....

... whooppeeeee..... I have my own labels now .... soooooooo exciting ........

I'm going to keep him as he's my first. He looks a bit shy and lonely bless him, shall be rustling up a few mates for him tomorrow :)

Hope you are enjoying the weather in your corner of the world :)  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. That's awesome that you are having perfect fun days for the kids during the summer. It's so fleeting and soon we'll be carving pumpkins.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Haha fantasy world ;) yes we do live there at some points throughout the days don't we. Great post of real life in all it's glory. When people ask me what I did today, I usually draw a blank. I feel unaccomplished and like I should have done more, but the truth is that being a mom keeps you busy doing it all.....all day long. The little breaks are great though and something to make the most of, be it that expensive frothy coffee or an unexpected quiet moment with hook and yarn. Glad your days are full and your making the most of them. You could maybe send some of that sunshine and heat right on over ;)

  3. That post was a blast from the past, that was my summer holidays with my 3 daughters not so long ago. They are all grown up and have families of there own now. I still haven't done the owl yet, so much to do, so little time.

  4. Adorable owl Jill, and your labels are lovely. How exciting that you are selling your work xxxx

  5. OH what a kid-happy fun post, you brought back a few memories for me Jill, thank you. I do like your little owl, he's very cute and colourful and your labels are lovely too. Wishing you many more happy holiday days surrounded by kids and fun and laughter. xoJoy

  6. your kids are having such fun in the sun and cute labels x

  7. It looks like you're all having a wonderful summer! How fun to have your own labels, they're really cute. Thanks for sharing your wonderful times. :)

  8. Thx all :) The ice lollies and picnic tea on the blanket really reminded me of my childhood too, and I really wanted my own Little Peeps to have that memory too :)

  9. Love your little owl! I hope that sales go really well, especially with those lovely labels!! xx


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