Sunday 24 August 2014

August Break Day 13 : My Guilty Pleasure

Hello, and welcome to Day 13 of the August Break.
Today's theme is "My Guilty Pleasure".  Nearly halfway!

Well that's easy, it's yarn-buying. Here's the pile I've bought on this holiday.

I've always like shopping, and enjoy home-ware shopping, shoe shopping, office-supply shopping, shopping for kids stuff, I even enjoy doing the weekly food shopping. I thought I had discovered all the joy that shopping could bring.

And then, about 18 months ago I discovered Yarn Shopping. Hurrah!!!! A whole new depth of shopping-passion was discovered. I loooooove buying yarn, love Love LOVE it. I have to do it own my own, or at least with no Little People with me. I have to buy the actual thing in an actual shop, it's not nearly as satisfying as being able to gaze longingly at shelf after shelf, row after row of gorgeous squashy balls of yarn. I love seeing them all neatly arranged, ordered and in line with labels facing the right way, and straggly ends tucked in. I love running my fingers over the fibers and then having a good old feel and a squidge. I love the sheer potential of it all. With a bit of crafty-wizardry it can be made into anything - clothing, homewares, decorations, accessories, toys - the possibilities are endless. Ooooo that pink would make a lovely shawl, aaaah that green is just what I need to edge a cushion, aha that's just the blue I need for my blanket. 
I can't possibly craft fast enough such that my yarn consumption anywhere near matches my purchasing rate. Unless I make a gigantic art installation by sticking on entire balls of yarn at a time. The other issue is storage. It's ridiculous, I could open a shop of my own. But then I'd have to part with my yarn, and that I can never do, unless it's been crafted, lovingly by me into a gift for someone. And that is just what's so great.
I love to gaze at the yarn.
I love to choose the yarn.
I love to buy the yarn.
I really love to craft with the yarn, especially crochet of course.
But most of all I love to give the lovingly crafted gift made with the lovingly chosen and purchased yarn to its intended recipient so they too can share in the yarny love :)



  1. Totally with you on that. I keep sticking mine in cupboards and getting caught out when I open the door and it all bursts out to confront me.

  2. How lovely to see and choose all that American yarn. I have read about it on Blogs.
    Have you a large enough suitcase to bring some home or will you have to leave behind the dirty washing to make room ?
    That would save one chore when you get home ;0)

  3. I LOVE yarn shopping myself, I am not into shoes or clothes, but yarn, oh my!

  4. Love the yarn. On a recent trip to Germany, I went in to a yarn shop,, and bought back only 2 balls,,,, I really wish I had bought more, cheaper for one thing.

  5. Real passion coming through in that post Jill! X


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