Wednesday 27 August 2014

August Break Day 18: Jump

Welcome to Day 18 of the August Break.
Today's theme is "Jump". Golly gosh really nearly caught up, only a few more days of multi-posting!

I've been REAALLLLY looking forward to this post :) All week I've been messing about with my fancy-pants camera and it's various fancy-pants settings. One such setting is a sort of "Action mode" where you hold down the clicky button thing and the camera takes a series of shots, paparazzi style, for as long as the button is held down. You get loads of action shots that would be really hard to get with a one-click setting (well, for me, anyway). I've taken loads of the Little People jumping into the pool. The pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

There :) Doesn't that just make you smile :D



  1. Yep, I'm smiling! What kind of camera did you get? I got a fancy pants one but for the life of me did not figure out how to use it.. lol! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. It's a Canon 100 something or other. There's so much you can do, I haven't done the half if it yet. I like the rapid fire noise in the action mode cos I feel like the paparazzi lol

  3. Your pictures are great Jill!!! I have a similar mode on my camera and it is great for taking action shots of dogs running and so on, but as you said on your reply above, it does make quite a noise doesn't it!! xx

  4. It doesn't get any better than that does it? Wonderful photos of the children having fun, that's what holidays are all about...

  5. oh that jumping in looks fun x


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