Saturday 23 August 2014

August a Break Day 9 : In My Bag

Hello and welcome to Day 9 of the August Break.
Today's theme is "In my bag". And I'm still playing catch-up :)

My camera bag is the one I'm using each day while on holidays. It's brand new, I bought it at the airport on our way here :) Hubby sent me off to buy one (he was secretly buying the iPad, the crafty devil), but I really wasn't in the mood, I just wanted to get to the gate so we could board early (autistic son etc). So I pretty much grabbed the most simple unflashy camera bag possible. It's supposed to be just camera sized, so I was slightly concerned as to how I'd fit in my glasses case. I have prescription normal glasses AND prescription sunglasses, and I constantly switch them over when we go in and out of places. Sounds super annoying, but providing The Glasses Case is within easy access, it's fine. Asking hubby to store it in his backpack is NOT an option, he is of the stride-ahead-purposefully-leaving-wife-and-at-least-one-child-straggling-behind mould. The Glasses Case simply HAD to fit in The Camera Bag.

It turns out that The Camera Bag is really rather perfect. It has a zippy pocket thing in the top, not sure what for but I'm storing my lipsalve and phone in there. It also has a waterproof cover stowed away up the side, and of course it's padded, thereby protecting camera, glasses case and phone! Fab!

I can get a couple of other essentials in there too, and after a few packs and re-packs I have it Just Right.

And so, each day I leave the villa with -
- camera in its bag
- purple glasses case, holding the glasses or sunglasses that I'm not wearing at that moment (my lovely Cath Kidston one has been squashed and covered in ink. Kids, pah)
- fold-up hairbrush (handy for sweaty hair moments)
- lipsalve (mostly for Little Man, bizarrely enough)
- lip gloss (I can kid myself that after 6 hours in a theme park I still look human)
- mobile phone (not in picture as it is taking picture. Should've used hubby's. Doh)
There you go! Impressed with my amazing minimalism ???
Well, don't be. My poor husband has to carry a rucksack carrying 5 ponchos, assortment of children's hats and sunglasses and fans, bottle of water, sun cream, first aid kit, more water, Disney autograph books and pens, snacks, yet more water, and whatever random stuff the Little People bring out that day. Poor hubby. Altogether now .......aaaaaaaawwwwww


  1. Wow, you travel light! Am impressed! X

  2. I travel light around the theme parks too, the only way to travel.

  3. It sounds like you can fit exactly everything you need into your bag! I wish that I had bought a different sized camera bag as I end up either stuffing my camera in another bag - not good - or carrying two. xx


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