Wednesday 27 August 2014

August Break Day 19 : Black and White

Hello, and welcome to Day 19 of the August Break.
Today's theme is " Black and White". Still with me ? Good-o :)

Black and white. That's actually, for me, really hard as a theme. I've had a virtual flick through my photographs to find something black and white - but with extremely limited success. I thought about playing around with settings on my iPad and presenting some pictures in monochrome or sepia-tone, but, well, it's just Not Me. Okay so it might've been intriguing to see what photo-editing could do to some gloriously colorful photos, maybe they would evoke a different feeling ? Well, we'll never know. At least not now. Cos I just didn't really want to mess with my already lovely pictures.

I did however find a couple of photos that were neeeeearly black and white that I'd taken around our holiday villa. It's owned by my lovely friend Carla of Carla and I met 12 years ago in our ante-natal classes, my Little Man and her Little Lady have known each other since they were babies (well since they were bumps technically lol), they've been at the same primary school for 7 years and are shortly off to the big adventure of secondary school together. Most of the other children from their year are going to the nearest school but our two have not followed the herd, they have struck out on a different path to the majority, and are starting another school together. And excitingly, they will be in the same tutor group together for at least 5 years. And I'm thrilled that Carla and I are continuing down the path of parenthood together :) I've used that word "together" a lot there - but I don't care! Together together together :D

Anyway. To get back to the villa. It really is a home from home. This is our second visit, and there are so many lovely touches around the place. 
For a start there are plants everywhere. They're imitation but it doesn't matter, they look fabulously lush, real ones aren't appropriate in a holiday home, and they really add to the homeliness :)

Let's takes a closer look at those wine glasses shall we .....

So pretty! Upon arrival the dining table is properly set with red mats, a table runner and white crockery. Oh and the wine glasses of course. And I forgot - again - to take a photo of the table all set when we arrived - maybe next time :) NB take note of black and white table runner fulfilling today's theme :)

The kitchen table has Rennie Mackintosh designs on the mats. I ADORE Rennie Mackintosh, especially the rose. Beautiful. (And red just happens to be my favorite colour :)

And in the guest bathroom more touches of black and white .... love these! I'd like them at home actually!

..... and check out the towels - adorable!

And even the shower curtain matches! Brilliant! (don't think I've ever taken a photo of a shower curtain before - that's the holiday vibe for you :)

Our en-suite is MASSIVE with some great beachy scenes .....

.... and more fab towels .... now, when at home would I have a towel with an embroidered palm tree .... hmm getting that creative sparkle again .....

Speaking of towels, my absolute favorite are the pool towels ....

Yes you're right, I have included this picture in a previous post, but the towels deserve a special mention - I happen to know they were purchased in a supermarket not a mile from our house back home LOL

The sofas are mega comfy. I have a bit of an OCD thing about sofas, comes from having to sit on so many truly hideous ones during the student years I reckon. To say that these sofas are even acceptable is a b-i-g compliment, so to say mega-comfy ? Well let's just say I think I prefer them to our brand new recliny ones at home (ssshhhhh don't tell hubby :-/ ). And they have very funky cushions too. 

And finally, the Little People's bedrooms have loads of fun Disney features on the walls and bedding. Although it's *only* our second visit, our Little People felt instantly at home. A bit too much at home if the discarded clothes, teddies, books etc are anything to go by ....

Ok, so there wasn't that much black and white but it did get this post off to a flying start, and that's good enough for me :)



  1. It was lovely to see a little of the villa and your blackish and whiteish pics! It sounds as though you and Carla will be lifelong friends, how lovely is that! xx

  2. We always stayed in villas when all the family came with us on holiday, it was such a great home from home feeling. The pool been the icing on the cake.

  3. A home away from home sounds perfect! My firstborn is starting secondary school in September too :-)

  4. A fabulous home-from-home X


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