Saturday 16 August 2014

Happy Holidays Part 1

Have you missed me? We are on our sunny holidays this week, I won't tell you where, but feel free to have a guess :)

We had to catch a plane - and I joined the mile-high-crochet-club ....

The yarn is King Cole Riot in Rhapsody ...

It's a DK weight yarn, you can also buy it in chunky. But I love this DK version, it's a very light double-knit yarn. The only problem is, in the heat, what with sun cream, pool splashes, and general hot hand-ness, I've had to adjust the way I hold the yarn to make it flow more smoothly. It's a hard life ....

Yes, a hard life indeed - a moment ago I was gazing at the sun glinting off the turquoise waters of the pool ....

.... as the Little People have SUCH fun in water ....

But then, quick as a flash, the clouds roll in, and the water changes to flatter and less sparkly ....

.... and then to this blurry rainy mess .... 

.... signaling the arrival of the regular midday torrential rain with accompanying deafening cracks of thunder and bright forks of lightning. I love the rain here. It's proper serious Rain. Rain with a purpose. Rain that means business. It doesn't last long though, and soon enough we'll be back round the pool.

Today we are planning a bit of shopping including the VAST craft superstore down the road. Good job I left room in my case to bring back yarn - yippee!!!


  1. Yes of course we are missing you! Thanks for checking in! Looks like a fun time being had by all x

  2. I have that same yarn, gorgeous. I bought it thinking it was suitable for a specific pattern,, wrong,, it should have been 4 ply!!!! Holidaying in Florida? or somewhere near to there?

  3. So glad you are having a fun trip, if you are in Florida today is supposed to be beautiful. If you send me your email to, I will send you some pointers on the shawl, or at least I hope they are pointers. I had a heck of a time with it at first.
    Hugs and have fun,

  4. Wow you lot are good! Or did I already say Florida? How did you guess ? Lol
    Meredith that would be great, I'll email you in a second xx

  5. Hi Jill, good to have a break. Happy Holidays. I have used Riot chunky but not DK. It is looking good. Jo x

  6. Ooh, hope you're enjoying your holiday! A visit to a craft superstore should be included in every holiday, I reckon - have fun :) x

  7. Hello Jill.. looks like a fab vacation! We just got back from our 13 day camping trip. I got so many photos that it took me 5 hours to put up my blog post.. I hope you stop by and catch up with me. Enjoy your summer end.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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