Saturday 23 August 2014

August Break Day 10 : Drink

Hello and welcome to Day 10 of the August Break.
Today's theme is "Drink". Still catching up :)

Drink makes me think of water, which, for various reasons, is a bit of a theme for our holiday (in Florida, in case I hadn't already mentioned it ;) I thought I'd share a few water-related pictures with you. The one above is of Little Man who has just leapt into the pool :D

A colorful assortment of swim toys ....

A pile of soft fluffy towels by the pool ....

Little Tomboy playing in the water jets .... 

The one below was taken just as the MASSive water flume ride at Universal came crashing down. That is Little Man in the blue t-shirt just right of centre. Hubby, Little Miss and Little Tomboy are on the ride.

And this next one is Little Man about a second later getting utterly drenched!

Now. A few words before the next few pictures, as they may be a bit controversial. We went to SeaWorld today, and had a great time. I have read the bad press about SeaWorld, and as an animal-loving vegetarian, I have my own opinions. If you disagree with us going there, I respect that and ask that you respect our decision to go. Important bit over. On we go with the pictures.

Fountain over the lake at SeaWorld ....

Pretty waterfall feature at SeaWorld ....

Looking up through the aquarium from the lower level of the penguin area ....

Dinner in the Shark Tank! (We all agreed it was very insensitive to be eating fish next to the fish in the aquarium...)

The beautiful, clever, amazing dolphins ....

And the awesome killer whale ....

And a final picture. Refillable drinks cup from a Disney Water park.

No matter how much we refill them, there's just something we can't get enough of this holiday - drink. 


  1. Great pics! I am unaware of the controversy over Seaworld x

  2. Some great photos, getting drenched by the ride made me smile and bought back some lovely memories.

  3. I imagine that it is still pretty hot there, so no wonder you need plenty to drink and lots of cooling water around you to keep you all nicely chilled! xx

  4. I wondered if you were in Florida because I know they have that type of enclosed pool there. I have relative who live there and have them. I've never been to Sea World but I would enjoy it, I think. It sounds like you're having a great time!

  5. Your trip sounds amazing. Over here in Clearwater we have a Marine science center that rehabilitates marine life, Winter the dolphin that lost his tail lives here. As for Sea World, yes a lot of the news is sad, but they also do a lot to help wildlife, rehab animals and promote research to help the Oceans.

  6. Meredith , our thoughts exactly. Difficult one to know the truth. Certainly we only saw trainers who obviously adored the animals in their care.


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