Sunday 24 August 2014

August Break Day 12 : On The Table

Hello, and welcome to Day 12 of the August Break.
Today's theme is "On the table". Feel like I'm making headway!

A coffee outside in a quiet moment. Hubby, Little Miss and Little Tomboy are gasping at the prices in the Hello Kitty shop, and Little Man is reading his book : extremely rare. The act of reading, not the book itself. 

Here's how we got to there .....

After a morning pottering about at the villa, we left, quite late, to have lunch out. Little Tomboy was practically eating her own arm with hunger (oops forgot to check she'd had breakfast), and the other two weren't much better. We went to a nearby town called Celebration, I won't go on about it now as I'm hoping to go back for a wander again and take more pictures before we leave, but it's so pretty - very art-deco-ey and reminiscent of the 50's or thereabouts. Here are a few sneaky peaks.

The approach .....

A map of the town in the town square.

An example of the fab street-signs ...

Even the Starbucks has a funky piece of artwork on its wall ...

There is a very pretty lake, that has a walking trail around its perimeter. 

Perfect for a post-lunch family stroll.

We found a table outside at a really lovely bistro style restaurant. The sun was out, the fans were keeping us cool, the birds were singing and this was our view.

Some very welcome - and colourful - drinks were served.

The food arrived, looked great and tasted delicious. There was something for everyone - pasta for me, veggie burger for hubby, steak for Little Man and pancakes for Little Miss. With maple butter. And maple syrup. And nothing else. For lunch. That girl has such a sweet tooth. Hmmm. 
Seeing as Little Tomboy was soooooooooo hungry, we allowed her to order the pancake AND a BLT sandwich with mashed potato on the side - she doesn't like chips (or fries, depending on your nationality :). Her sandwich was a stonker ....

Look can you see Little Man reading in the background ? And Little Miss' pencil case ? And here's one of the straw wrapper wrist-band I made for Little Tomboy ....

My shrimp pasta (I'm a fish-eating vegetarian, a vegaquarian my friend calls me) was excellent, and ooooo look at them tucking in :)

At this point you'd be forgiven for thinking it was the perfect day out. Well not quite.
It had taken ages to find table as Little Man is very OCD about these things.
We find a table and then it's like musical chairs, various seating plans being wrong for various reasons.
Little Miss was in a sulk and refused to speak to the waitress. 
Little Tomboy whinged that she didn't like her drink.
I made a straw wrapper wristband to try and snap Little Tomboy out of it.
Little Miss got all stroppy that I hadn't made her one.
Little Tomboy took one bite of her food. Despite being sooooo hungry, she refused to eat any more.
Little Miss went all shrieky and squealy about the birds flapping around.
Hubby got up to shoo away the birds but then they just tried to eat his food.
So we moved all the drinks, food, cutlery, sauces etc inside.
We were seated in a booth. Big stressor for Little Man and his OCD. He doesn't like cushiony seats.
More musical chairs.
Little Tomboy was very moany, saying she was too hot. We got her a damp towel but it was too cold.
Little Man had a tummy ache from eating too quickly.
I ordered a coffee then they all whinged that they wanted to leave.

So I got the coffee to go, and we abandoned the plan of the lovely-round-the-lake-stroll. The girls really wanted to visit the Hello Kitty shop, but Little Man couldn't face it (I know how he felt). So here he is reading at that lovely quiet spot by the lake.

So that was our "lovely" lunch out. Oh well, there's always tomorrow :)


  1. I have spent many a happy hour walking around the lake, they have a farmers market there on a Sunday morning which is a delight.

  2. Oh the joys of parenthood ;0) I remember it well. Now it is all starting again with the grandchildren.
    Big hugs
    Cally x

  3. Yep, typical family day out! Still, sounds like you got through it Jill! X

  4. It sounds like a very mixed day! The next one will be different, and perhaps even better I hope. xx


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